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Breast Cancer - 50 Essential Things You Can Do

This wonderful book offers a roadmap for women facing breast cancer. Cancer-survivor Greg Anderson, a recognized pioneer in the field of integrated cancer care, has guided tens of thousands of cancer patients to health and healing over the past 25 years through his books and his Cancer Recovery Foundation. In this new book, he offers critical information about the major issues patients face following a breast cancer diagnosis, and shows how to implement a comprehensive recovery plan that maximizes opportunity for healing and recovery.

This fully integrative approach questions Western medicine’s tendency to over treat and proposes a combination of nutrition, exercise, mind/body approaches, and social support along with conventional medical care.

It is a life-saving guide for anyone with breast cancer—whether it’s a new diagnosis or a recurrence—to become fully engaged in her own health and healing.

Paperback:  5 1/2 x 8 1/2
304 pages

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