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Natural Patches of Vermont

Natural Patches of Vermont, use 100% pure essential oils in an all-natural gel patch that is placed on the body to provide safe and natural relief to common complaints.  Easy to use, with no oily residue or over powering scent, Naturopatch is effective for up to twenty-four hours with no side effects. The patches are Latex-free and each tin contains 10 patches.  We recommended that you place the patch on the upper broad portion of shoulder to receive full benefits of aromatherapy. Please avoid broken skin.

Calming Stress Formula: Bergamot

Aids in establishing balance while calming the body's physical and emotional shield from stress. Ginger, Rosemary and Lavender enhance the relaxing and uplifting qualities of the central essential oil Bergamot.

~Recommended to combat stress and tension symptoms

~Bergamot’s virtues are considerable: uplifting, refreshing, inspiring, balancing, confidence building, concentration, motivation, good cheer and harmony

Enhanced Mental Focus and Energy Formula: Lemon Grass

~This all natural blend was formulated to combat fatigue and stress while boosting energy and focus

~An aromatherapy blend of lemongrass, peppermint and ylang essential oils

Relaxing Sleep Formula: Lavender

~Inspired by the Romans, who would add lavender to their bath water, the word lavender is derived from ‘lavare’ which means “to wash”. Since ancient times lavender was used for medicinal properties as well as for perfume.

~Treat yourself to a refreshing night's sleep. Lavender, Chamomile and Jasmine work as a synergistic team to soothe you and relax nervous tension and stress related conditions that may inhibit a peaceful night's sleep.

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