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To Plant A Garden Is To Believe In Tomorrow Basket

To Plant A Garden Is To Believe In Tomorrow Basket

Bloom Book. The quotes in this beautiful gift book celebrate each day as a new day to bloom. If you want change, begin it. If you want love, give it. If you want hope, embody it. Start immediately and do it flamboyantly. Once you've begun, don't turn back. Change and growth can be painful and challenging at times, but as Lauren Bond said, "Every flower has to go through a lot of dirt." Bloom into your incredibly, gloriously, brilliantly beautiful self. The world is waiting. Beautiful cloth-bound hardcover. 9 ¼” wide x 6 ¼” high. 64 pages. Full color

Bloom Soap - This gorgeous engraved soap, will remind her every day.

Ocean Scented Aunt Sadies Candle. An ocean scented premium candle from Aunt Sadies. 100% hand-poured, hand-packaged, and is lead free with a zinc wick. Long 70 hour burn time! Perfect for life changes such as divorce, a new job, graduation or any life changing event..

Garden of Eden Hand Therapy. A day in the garden renews your spirit, but dries out your hands. A touch of this intensive therapy will keep your skin as happy as you are. A generous amount of shea butter and chamomile extract is added for their healing qualities.

Growing Wishes. Herbs are colorful, fragrant and one of the easier gardens to grow and maintain. They work equally well as container gardens or mixed with vegetables and flowers as a potager. Cheer (dill), Peace (oregano), Gratitude (sage), Health (thyme), Harmony (basil), Laughter (garlic chives).

To Plant A Garden Is To Believe In Tomorrow Plaque. Hang this 7 x 4 inch distressed white wooden sign for hope in the future.

Comfort In Your Pocket. Cast in pewter, this set of five beautiful pocket charms comes in a choice of organza bags with words of encouragement when you need them most: Vellum slip reads: A Heart, to remind you that you are loved, A Peace Sign, for hope, An Acorn, for your continued strength, An Angel, to watch over you, The World, because you make it a better place. Charms and vellum slip come in an organza bags.

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