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Living Well After Breast Cancer

You never thought this day would come!  You've survived your last treatment.  You've been cut free from the appointments and sent on your way.  You celebrate.  But whilst other people move on, you are fearful of recurrence and it is hard to forget everything you have been through.  Now is the time you need a lot of support as you face the fear, let go.... and begin your wonderful new cancer free future. 

After Breast Cancer.  This is the perfect end of treatment gift!  Because as women quickly discover, their life, when treatment ends, is very different from what it was before their diagnosis.  Rediscover your capacity for joy as you move forward into the future—as a survivor. 

Songs Of The Spirit II - Karen Drucker.  I really love this CD. It just sets us up for a perfect day by helping us appreciate what we have and often forget. It's a wonderfully uplifting compilation of 11 affirmation songs/chants that are the perfect support for healing on all levels.  It's music that can turn you around. When worries seems almost too much to bare these powerful and uplifting words can give you a change of heart.  This music is spot-on-fabulous and Karen has an truly exceptional voice.

To Plant A Garden Is To Believe In Tomorrow: this kit pairs six varieties of flowers with the sentiment tied to its beauty. Plant outdoors in a garden or in containers. Before long you will have an exquisite flower garden with all your wishes in bloom. Includes: recycled US steel case, 6 varieties of seed, garden stakes, pencil, directions. Case 5.5" wide x 3.5" deep. Kit includes: sweet pea friendship, pinks strength, forget-me-not love, daisy clarity, lavender happiness, and baby's breath joy.

"Let Go" Pocket Stone.  Made in NaturalLife, this ceramic stone fits in the palm of your hand or looks good on your desk or night stand as a constant reminder...

Living Well After Breast Cancer.  What do I do now? Why am I still so tired? Am I really cured? How do I reduce my risk of recurrence? Is it safe for me to get pregnant? How do I get rid of the hot flashes so I can sleep?  This fully revised and updated second edition contains crucial information about these issues and more—including the revolutionary medical advances in follow-up testing, ongoing treatments, and recovery. With answers for everything from how to deal with hair loss and weight gain to finding online support groups and understanding healthy foods and supplements

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