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Planet Cancer Young Adult Mens (18-35) Cancer Basket

Planet Cancer - a book for young adults and their loved ones affected by cancer.. The frequently bizarre and always informative experiences and thoughts of your fellow natives...  Each year, nearly 70,000 young adults between 18 and 40 are diagnosed in the United States with cancer.

Cancer in young adults is isolating. It’s terrifying. It’s not-supposed-to-happen. Through this book, we hope to bring the strength and energy of an entire community of passionate, amazing, spirited, generous young adults to support a newly diagnosed reader or, at the very least, to reassure them that they’re neither alone nor crazy.

'I'm Too Young For This' CD.   21 young adult musicians chose to get busy living when affected by cancer. This is the art of survivorship.  The I'm Too Young For This! benefit CD features 21 original tracks composed by young adult recording artists who have been directly affected by cancer, either through their own personal diagnosis or that of a loved one.  The album's thematic diversity reflects that of its artists, each of whom shares a uniquely inspiring personal journey through their art. This project was a labor of love 3 years in the making. What it represents is not only hope, but the creative voice of united community of survivors who often feel they're the only one's out there.  A percentage of net proceeds benefit the foundation.  Read more on this wonderful organization

Blue Cancer Sucks Mug.  Sometimes we just have to say it like it is!! "CANCER SUCKS" really does! This 11 ounce ceramic mug is printed on both sides. Perfect for your cup of coffee or hot chocolate!   Buy one for yourself or give one as a gift to someone who needs a good laugh and a reminder that someone cares!

Never Quit Book.  Resolve to stay with it.  The quotes inside these Never Quit  Book encourage exactly that. From little leagues to after-work pick up games, from boardrooms to living rooms, for players, coworkers, and teams of any kind, will help to keep us going, and resolve our commitment. Don’t give up.  Hard cover measures appox. 6 x 6

Original Ginger Chews - 5 oz bag.  Stimulating little chewy treats. Surprisingly spicy. The only candy that bites you back! Great for a queasy stomach.

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