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Chill & Spill Guided Journal For Hurting Teens

Inspired by the tragic events of 9/11, 'Art with Heart' began researching ways to be able to impact the masses of children affected by such devastating trauma, caused by death, divorce, illness, school or family troubles or anxiety/depression.

"Chill & Spill" is the resulting therapeutic guided journal designed to help teens articulate and transform difficult issues they are dealing with. It offers a combination of 20 creative writing and artistic expression activities with enough blank pages to explore both head and heart and to talk, yell, cry, boast, dream and evolve.  Chill & Spill’s layout brings the user on a progressive journey of self-discovery. It begins with non-threatening, confidence-building activities and slowly leads towards trauma exploration, and then back out again into inspirational and aspirational goal-exploration.

Chill & Spill is effective because it gives youth a safe place for complete and total expression. It allows them to become active participants in their own healing, to communicate grief and loss, and to see themselves as survivors rather than victims – a critical step in trauma recovery. It works because it is an accessible and immediate resource and is based in cognitive behavioral, narrative and art therapies.  

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