Gifts for Men

Gifts for men experiencing the difficulties of divorce. Give them encouragement and support, and show them life goes on.

Nautilus Navy Leather Journal by Eccolo
These beautiful leather products are made by Eccollo, a family owned and operated leather busines..
One-day-at-a-time Therapy
Do you feel stuck in the past? Do you repeatedly replay events that have already happened? Or do ..
Paw print Blue Honeysuckle Artisan Soap
Paw print Blue Honeysuckle Artisan Soap:  This is a lovely addition for anyone who loves a..
Protection Print by Nancy Winternight
by Nancy Winternight For anyone hurting for whatever reason, this comforting Angel brings pea..
Reflections - Healing Baskets Exclusive
Reflections is a beautiful original CD filled with music that will touch your heart and soothe yo..
Serenity Sterling Unisex Necklace by BB Becker
This beautiful sterling silver, black cord necklace is finely engraved with the words: "God g..
Soothing Lavender Artisan Soap
Soothing Lavender Artisan Soap.  Pure and natural, soft and relaxing lavender soap. Wash and..
Sports Hero Playing Decks
  Everybody Has A Hero ... Who's Yours? Who are the greatest players of all-time..
Stout Beer Artisian Soap
Stout Beer Artisian Soap: Made exclusively for us by Hemlock Springs Cottage - this rich, st..
Strength Acorn Basket Deluxe
Strength Acorn Basket Deluxe "The strongest oak of the forest is not the one that is protect..
Strengthen Candle
Face it, we expend more energy maintaining our cars than we do ourselves. We encourage you to..
Stronger Day By Day
Reflections for healing & rebuilding after divorce. It's no secret that divorce is on..
Survival Bracelet for Men, Made from Parachute Cord
Survival Bracelet for Men, made from Parachute cord or Para-cord. This is an amazing gift for..
Sweet Treats
Trader Joe's Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Butterscotch Caramels.  Soft and creamy, deeply flav..
The Can't Go Wrong Basket For Men
Trader Joe's Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Butterscotch Caramels.  Soft and creamy, deeply flav..
The Hell With Love Poems To Mend A Broken Heart
Passionate, edgy, funny, and profound, The Hell With Love is for anyone who has ever suffered the..
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