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Peace One Day At A Time

If there is to be peace in the world, There must be peace in the nations.   If there is to be peace in the nations, There must be peace in the cities.  If there is to be peace in the cities, There must be peace between neighbors.  If there is to be peace between neighbors,  There must be peace in the home.  If there is to be peace in the home,  There must be peace in the heart.  Lao Tzu

Peace A Day At A Time.   365 meditations for wisdom and serenity.  Karen Casey’s daily meditation books have guided millions through their recovery and daily lives. She has written eloquently about almost every facet of recovery and how to live a sober, balanced life by trying to live in the present, one day at a time. In this new collection Casey offers meditations for the next step in recovery: developing serenity in order to live a happier, more peaceful life.  Drawn from her most popular meditation books, Peace a Day at a Time offers a classic meditation-a-day: an opening quote, a brief essay, and a takeaway message--for every day of the year. This powerful set of daily reminders on how to stay centered and find inner peace features a companion index with key theme words to reference any issue you are struggling with.  Meditations include: ~ Paying attention and listening to your inner voice.  ~ Avoiding drama and letting go of blame.  ~ How to stop living from crisis to crisis.  ~ Coping with fear, sorrow, anger, and pain.  ~ Embracing change.  ~ Practicing kindness, joy, hope, and acceptance

Believe in Peace Candle.  This 100% soy wax candle is in a 4" tall glass holder.  Scent: Imagine (The strength of amber with soft hints of rain offers a calming and enlightening experience)

These colorful matching Peace matches

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