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Share The Care

How to Organize a Group to Care for Someone Who is Seriously Ill by Sheila Warnock, and Cappy Capossela

Whether you're prepared for it or not, chances are you'll take on the role of caregiver when a family member or friend is affected by a serious illness.

As you'll soon discover, the tasks will range from major ones - checking someone into the hospital, sorting out insurance coverage, keeping track of medications - to the minor: walking the dog, preparing a meal, or just being there for someone.

If you're determined to help but you're feeling over-whelmed by the responsibilities, Share The Care offers a sensible and loving solution: a unique group approach that can turn a circle of ordinary people into a powerful caregiver team. Here are valuable guidelines, compassionate suggestions, a simple-to-use workbook section that together offer support to help free the patient from worry and the caregivers from burnout. Share the Care offers friends and family the best answer ever to the frequently asked question "What can I do".

Paperback: 288 pages; Dimensions: 9¼" x 6"

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