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Floral and Herbal Gardens of Wishes

We always love to find gifts that express sentiments as well as being practical or useful. That's why we love these beautiful seed kits. Choose from Floral or Herb kits.

Flowers are special not only for their innate and simple beauty, but also for the simple, beautiful way they convey feelings. To celebrate the rich language of flowers, send one of these wonderful seed kits.

Floral Garden Wishes: this kit pairs six varieties of flowers with the sentiment tied to its beauty. Plant outdoors in a garden or in containers. Before long you will have an exquisite flower garden with all your wishes in bloom. Includes: recycled US steel case, 6 varieties of seed, garden stakes, pencil, directions. Case 5.5" wide x 3.5" deep. Kit includes: sweet pea friendship, pinks strength, forget-me-not love, daisy clarity, lavender happiness, and baby's breath joy.

Herbs are colorful, fragrant and one of the easier gardens to grow and maintain. They work equally well as container gardens or mixed with vegetables and flowers as a potager.

Herbal Garden Wishes: Like flowers, herbs are also valued for their symbolism. This lovely kit includes the following seeds: dill cheer, oregano peace, sage gratitude, thyme health, basil harmony, and garlic chives laughter.

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