Anniversaries and Holidays

Whether it's a wedding anniversary, the anniversary of death day, a birthday, or any one of the many difficult dates such as Valentine's, Mothers' or Fathers' Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Browse gifts sensitively chosen to send at these times.

On The Anniversary Of Your Loss
By Linus Mundy Illustrated by R.W. Alley No matter how long, no matter how short, a life lived i..
One-day-at-a-time Therapy
Do you feel stuck in the past? Do you repeatedly replay events that have already happened? Or do ..
Prayer and Wish Flying Papers
Write it ~ Light it ~ Watch it fly Give fire to your voice & wings to your prayers—design..
Remember I Am With You Always Sterling Bangle
Remember that you are never alone. This lovely solid Sterling Silver Bangle from Bangles From..
Remembrance Shell Ornament
You will see this wonderful quote elsewhere on our site - because we just love it so much. Th..
Remembrance Shells
For every joy that passes, something beautiful remains... I love this little bag of pewter sh..
Rosemary Candle
"There's rosemary; that's for remembrance. Pray, love, remember." ~Shakespeare, Hamlet ..
So many people come into our lives... Dexsa Plaque
This plaque is beautifully made with handmade paper, bows, and beaded trim. The quote is then lay..
Somewhere Between Heaven And Earth CD - Cindy Bullens
Cindy Bullens wrote these beautiful songs for her daughter Jessie, who died of cancer in 1996 age..
Sterling Bangle From Heaven - One Day At A Time
Beautiful and inspiring, this polished solid sterling silver bangle has been etched with the word..
Sterling Silver Angel Pendant
Enjoy this collection of wonderful angel gifts. ~Sterling Silver Angel pendant hangs on an 18..
Sterling Silver Angel Stud Earrings
Enjoy this collection of wonderful angel gifts. ~Matching Sterling Silver angle stud earrings..
Sterling Silver Remembrance Shell Necklace
For every joy that passes, something beautiful remains...  Send this sterling silver conch s..
Sterling Silver Single Frame Crystal Memory Bracelet
Wear and share the photo of a loved one. This miniature sterling silver frame is surrounded by cr..
Strength Acorn Basket Deluxe
Strength Acorn Basket Deluxe "The strongest oak of the forest is not the one that is protect..
Survival Bracelet for Men, Made from Parachute Cord
Survival Bracelet for Men, made from Parachute cord or Para-cord. This is an amazing gift for..
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