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Humor and Healing CD by Bernie Siegel

A delightful 'House-Call' with an empowering message: Humor sometimes is the best medicine.

Humor and Healing is Dr. Bernie Siegel's sparkling conversation about the healing power of love and laughter. From how positive thinking helps us lead longer, more productive lives ... to new findings about the healing power of laughter ... to miracles of spontaneous remission in terminally ill patients ... you will find Humor and Healing to be a life-affirming house call from this respected surgeon and speaker. As Dr. Siegel says: If you live in your heart, magic happens. This is the essence of his powerful approach to living your life in the present. Each insight about the psychology of illness shared by Dr. Siegel is supported by a real-life example drawn from his work as a surgeon and teacher. Humor and Healing also includes many stories, told with love and joy as only Dr. Siegel can, about exceptional patients who have opened to the heart of healing, with unforgettable results.

1 1/4 hours.

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