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The Lord's Prayer, or Our Father, in Irish Gaelic, has been finely engraved onto this wonderful hand finished sterling silver mobius bracelet. The twisted, geometric shape is named after the German mathematician August Ferdinand Mobius (1790-1868). This means you can read the prayer continuously around the bracelet.

It is here copied from the translation which was produced in 1830 and is decorated with the Irish Cross or cros cheilteach, commonly found in Ireland and popularly believed to have been introduced by St Patrick.

The text of the Lord's Prayer in Gaelic:

Ar nAthair ata ar neamh, go naofar d'ainm; Go dtaga do riocht; Go ndeantar do thoil ar an talamh mar a dheantar ar neamh. Ar n-aran laethuil tabhair duinn inniu; agus maith duinn ar bhfiacha, mar a mhaithimidne dar bhfeichiuna fein; Agus na lig sinn i geathu, ach saor sinn o olc.

The Mobius band is a surface with only one side. As a bracelet it has been designed so that an inscription can flow all around, inside and out, without end. The unique properties of this design make the poetry, prayer or phrase, seem infinite.  

This exquisite bracelet made in the USA measures 8 1/4 inches in circumference, ellipse: 2 13/16 x 2 ½ inches and width: 3/16 - 5/16 inches.

Available in Sterling Silver for immediate delivery and please allow 4 weeks for 14K Gold as these are made to order. 

It arrives in a beautiful gift box with the history and care for the piece nestled in.   This makes for a beautiful presentation especially when it is wrapped!

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