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NEW!! A Gift for the Grieving Heart. From Compendium Inc - our favorite book publisher.

When someone we care about loses a loved one, we want to find a way to ease their sorrow - but how? Some things we just can't do for each other. We can't restore the loved one to life, or turn back the clock, or eliminate the pain. Often, we can't even find the right words to express the feelings overflowing in our hearts.

But there's one thing we can do. We can bring the one gift that requires not words, and which always triumphs over death. Quietly, faithfully, fervently, we can bring our love.

This, then, is our gift to the grieving heart. The messages in these pages remind us that grief's shadow eventually touches all of us. But the essential message is one of hope; life goes on, it must go on. In fact, it is by living out our lives, with the memories of our loved ones sheltered in our hearts, that we honor and cherish them most.

Hardback book. Color inside. Measures 7-3/4"H x 7-3/4" W.

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