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Faith, Hope and Healing Basket

Faith, Hope and Healing by Bernie Siegel.  Inspiring lessons learned from people living with cancer.  In this collection of first-person accounts, doctor and author Bernie Siegel (Love, Medicine, and Miracles) brings together almost three dozen cancer patients (or close relations of) to share their stories and the lessons they’ve learned. Many entries tackle the moment of diagnosis, while others pick up at the moment the diagnosis first hits home..  Lynn Zeller contributes a list of the “eight practices” she discovered through cancer that have led to a “wonderfully expanded experience of life” (including a focus on gratitude, mindfulness, and the idea that the universe “is in a conspiracy for my good”); Edwina Ford focuses on her afflicted husband’s admiration, and efforts on behalf, of Lance Armstrong’s post-surgery Tour de France comeback.   For each piece, Siegel provides a reflection and a moral (“Life’s difficulties are what teach us to grow”) that clarify and encourage. Anyone struggling with cancer will find many relatable voices and, in Siegel, a compassionate expert commentator.   Hardback: 240 pages.

Soft Sock - Unbelievably soft-as-a-cloud pampering socks are the perfect pick-you-up.  One size fits all.  Polyester/spandex; machine wash.

To Keep In Your Pocket.  Cast in pewter, this set of five beautiful pocket charms comes with words of encouragement for when you need them most:  Vellum slip reads: A Heart, to remind you that you are loved, A Peace Sign, for hope, An Acorn, for your continued strength, An Angel, to watch over you, The World, because you make it a better place.

Super Soft Throw, and super comforting this lovely silver colored fleece throw makes a fabulous gift.  Whether snoozing on a deck, or sitting in a over crisp hospital bed.  Wrap yourself in comfort.  Take a little bit of 'home' with you when you are alone, or in uncomfortable surroundings.

Faith Candle.  Handcrafted from the finest ingredients including 100% soy wax, these candles are made from essential oil blends and clean burning wicks to create a soot and toxin free candle for your home.  Cotton hand stamped label.  Lidded 8oz Glass ~ 50 hour burn.  Fragrance: no. 3, a subtle white tea ginger.

Ginger Chews: Ginger has been found to be more effective than Dramamine in blocking motion sickness.  5 oz bag. 

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