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Relax Salt Soak  Made by Good Fortune, these bath salts offer the relaxing scent of lavender to soothe your body and mind, just by adding it to your bath.  For an indulgent experience, add this bath soak to a running bath. Made in the USA. 


Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds – Just a gesture of something sweet. Crunchy, California almonds drenched in rich, dark chocolate. 


Relax Seeking Balance Candle – This candle, by Root, includes pure essential oils of lavender and geranium bud, combined with the tranquil color of lavender to provide an atmosphere of comfort, calm and relaxation. Made with natural waxes, fragrances containing essential oil, with a sustainable, crackling wooden wick. Made in the USA. 


Rosemary Lavender Soap – Made exclusively for Healing Baskets by Honest + Simple Botanicals, this soap is hand-made from soft, relaxing, natural ingredients. The wonderful scents of this soap include lavender, which is meant to calm, and rosemary, which represents remembrance. Made in the USA. 

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