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When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemon Meringue Pie; Seven Simple Recipes for Living - and Thriving - with Cancer.  Best known as the creator of "Healthy Exchanges" cookbooks, JoAnna Lund was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer.  The lessons that she had been sharing with friends and readers over the years were certainly tested, and none more so than "when life hands you lemons...".   This is JoAnna's most inspiring collection ever - recipes for support, comfort, and faith, for joy and peace.  Paperback: 208 Pages Measures: 129 x 203mm.

Healing In Progress Mug.  To help you on your healing journey we have developed our own 'Healing In Progress' Mug.  The word "Believe" is imprinted facing you to remind you that you should never, never, never, give up.  The side facing 'out' is printed with 'Healing In Progress'.  Dishwasher safe.

Mixed Towelettes - Includes Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint towelettes. Peppermint oil is invigoration and energizing. Uses: to clear the mind and combat mental fatigue, rub on upset tummies to dispel nausea press on pulse points and breathe in aroma to relieve motion sickness.

Lemon soap made in England by Woods Of Windsor, bring back fond memories of Christmas as a child....With the freshest of fragrance, they look good enough to eat.

Cheeky lemon organic candy drops from Yummy Earth.  Planet friendly.  Real fruit extracts.  No artificial dyes or flavors. 

Healing In Progress Pocket Stone.  Handmade just for us - these smooth glass pocket stones fit perfectly into the palm of your hand measuring 1.5 inches across.  Cool, smooth, firm. Hold 'em tight. Be comforted.  Glass stone comes in a lime velvet drawstring bag.

Believe Window Cards.  Beautifully made, these cards deliver 30 little messages of inspiration.  Ingredients: 30 encouraging quotations to instill confidence, keep the faith, look up, light the way, trust your instincts and expect the best.  Dosage: Daily, as needed.  Side effects: Determination, hope, trust, inspiration and unshakable faith

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