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Now in its second edition, One Bite at a Time is an instant turn-on to good, nourishing food. In this comprehensive cookbook, Rebecca shares delicious, immune-boosting recipes for people living with cancer, the ever-growing number of cancer survivors and their friends.

One Bite at a Time features more than 85 simple-to-prepare, sumptuous recipes. From little nibbles to satisfying entrees, Rebecca's flexible approach is designed for both the individual and the entire family to enjoy. Dishes such as Poached Coconut-Ginger Salmon, Spinach Orzo with Pine Nuts and Feta, Taxicab Yellow Tomato Soup, and Magic Mineral Broth reinvigorate the appetite with ingredients that help bolster the body's immune system.

To accompany the recipes, Rebecca offers down-to-earth information and helpful advice for those dealing with the culinary ups and downs often experienced during treatment. Learn what friends and family can do to best pitch in; discover easy substitutions for "forbidden" foods; look up "nutrition-at-a-glance" information for each recipe: and see how to wake up taste buds in any dish by using just a few basic staples from the pantry.

At a time when you may feel that nothing is under your control, something as simple as creating a nutritious, healing dish for yourself or a loved one can be a reaffirmation of your humanity and a tangible way to nurture someone you care about.

Paperback:  160 pages of full color!

Measures 11 x 9.5 inchees.

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