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Warrior Sterling Silver Necklace Exclusive

Warriors overcome adversity.

Whatever your adversity, wear this necklace to remind you of the power within.

Made exclusively for us by Baroni is the USA. You will not be able to find it anywhere else!

The Warrior. For surely you did not choose this battle. Rather it chose you. And standing on the edge of what you cannot escape is most tormenting. But take one final breath before the plunge. And charge forward. Knowing that you go not alone, but in might company of all who stand ready to fight at your side. And knowing that where your spirit is weakened, there you will find untold strength. Where your heart is fearful, there you will find immeasurable courageousness. And where your soul is mired in darkness, there you will find the most penetrating light. The most powerful beacon showing you the way.

Written by Mark Peters, Copyright 2005, Solace Creek.

This lovely matt sterling silver charm has the word 'Warrior' on one side and the design of a warrior shield on the other. The charm measures 5/8 inches across.

It hangs on a 20 inch sterling chain and comes in a gift box with the above quotation.

Wear it word up or design up. It is stunning, subtle but powerful. A wonderful gift.


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