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Biotene PBF Mouthwash 33.8 fl. oz

BioFilm is the bacterial film on your teeth often described as plaque*. With a dry mouth, saliva's natural ability to cleanse and control the BioFilm is reduced*. Although brushing and flossing help you disrupt and remove BioFilm, this may not be enough. With two additional enzymes this mouthwash and regular brushing can help dissolve, loosen and prevent excessive BioFilm formation for a cleaner, fresher, mouth. Also contains 3 bio-active enzymes to help maintain the oral environment and help provide protection against dry mouth.

    Contains no saccharin or alcohol
    Refreshes without burning
    Naturally sweetened with Xylitol
    #1 dentist and hygienist recommended brand for dry mouth

*When part of a normal oral hygiene program

Use approximately one tablespoon whenever desired. Swish thoroughly for 60 seconds and spit out. Do not swallow. Use 2-3 times daily. For best results: use after brushing with PBF toothpaste. Store below 77 degrees F (25 degrees C).

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