Sobriety gifts can be given throughout ones journey. Everyday can be a challenge and every milestone a reason to celebrate. From the momentous decision to quit alcohol or drugs to the emotional, physical and spiritual issues that arise years into recovery, it's sometimes hard to be supportive because we may have been hurt ourselves. But when we found these books on 1st, 2nd and 3rd anniversaries, as well as general recovery, we wanted to offer a source of support to friends supporting friends courageously taking one day at a time.

Never Too Late Paperweight
We have all made mistakes. It's time to move on. A fresh start. Happiness awaits! &nb..
Never Will I Leave You Pocket Stone
This smooth glass hand made stone measures just 1.5 inches across.  It's substantial enough ..
Offering Forgiveness Silver Pendant
Forgiveness takes you on a journey of healing. This lovely pendant was designed specifically ..
One-day-at-a-time Therapy
Do you feel stuck in the past? Do you repeatedly replay events that have already happened? Or do ..
Overcoming Difficulties Silver Pendant
Prayer and trust - will help you overcome difficulties... This lovely pendant was designed sp..
Posi+ivi+y™ Bracelets
3 Nylon Stretch with Rhodium Band Positivity Bracelets. Attitude is a choice... everyone loves a ..
Prayer Basket
"We should always pray for help, but we should always listen for inspiration and impression to pr..
Prayer Box Share Your Worries
We love this tin prayer box with stars and moon great for men and women, boys and girls. Soft tur..
Prayer For Protection Mobius Bracelet
The Prayer for Protection was written in 1941 by the poet laureate of Unity James Dille..
Protection Print by Nancy Winternight
by Nancy Winternight For anyone hurting for whatever reason, this comforting Angel brings pea..
Reiki Charged Candles
$10.00 $8.50
Magic Happens With Reiki Charged Candles. When the time is right to visit your sacred space, allo..
Second Year Sobriety
  When a friend of mine celebrated her first year of sobriety - I didn't know what t..
Seeking Balance Detoxify Candle
  This lovely candle by ROOT combines the science of color and essential oils into one h..
Serenity Journal
The Serenity Prayer is a gentle reminder of the inner peace we find in God. Experience hope and e..
Serenity Pocket Token
This lovely pewter token is framed in gold (not real gold unfortunately). Coin card reads: ..
Serenity Prayer Mobius Bracelet
This stunning sterling silver bracelet is inscribed with the famous Serenity Prayer.  I..
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