Funeral support

Thank goodness funerals are becoming more 'celebrations of life.' This doesn't mean our hearts aren't broken and we feel they will never mend again. It just means that at this 'gathering' of their most loved ones we can honor and remember those characteristics, events, and achievements that made them unique.

I Am Always With You Token
As you hold me close in memory, even though we are apart, my spirit will live on, there within you..
I Am The Soft Stars That Shine At Night Star Ornaments
If you want to send a gift that will bring comfort and be cherished forever, then send this beaut..
I Love You Madly Wildly Deeply Heart Shaped Coin by Tamara Hensick Designs
I Love You Madly Wildly Deeply Heart Shaped Coin by Tamara Hensick Designs   Tamara ..
I'm Going Home Like A Shooting Star
I came across the quote first, such a powerful quote for someone who knew they were going home.....
Just When The Caterpillar Thought The World was Over Quotable magnet
Based on the beautiful proverb "just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it bec..
Lord's Prayer KJV Mobius Bracelet
Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy w..
Porcelain Acorn Funeral Favor
If you want to give a little gift to take away from a memorial service or funeral, then give this..
Prayer and Wish Flying Papers
Write it ~ Light it ~ Watch it fly Give fire to your voice & wings to your prayers—design..
Remembrance Shell Ornament
You will see this wonderful quote elsewhere on our site - because we just love it so much. Th..
Remembrance Shells
For every joy that passes, something beautiful remains... I love this little bag of pewter sh..
Shell Funeral Favors
If you want to give a little gift that will be cherished forever, then give this beautiful boxed ..
Star Plantable Seed Papers
A beautiful way to remember and give back to the earth. These beautiful star shaped seed papers ..
Sympathy Pocket Stones
These smooth glass hand made stones measure just 1.5 inches across. But they're substantial enoug..
Thank You Notecards Following A Loss
Beautiful Thank You Cards Following A Loss I have been searching for quite some time for a r..
The Cross In My Pocket
I love this pewter pocket cross!  Heavy, and measuring 1 1/4 inches high, it's substantial a..
Transformation Dragonfly Heart
This Pewter heart has a cut out of a dragonfly and the word "Transformation" inscribed upon it, m..
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