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This Blue clay bowl is a beautiful addition to anyone's practice of healing and appreciation.  The bowl is a deep blue and there is a bubbly glass heart and a beaded scroll holder all included. This gift comes in a box with the following instructions. 

Instructions for you Healing Bowl:

Add to this bowl anything that fuels your heart~

sand, to remind you of the power of the sea,

stones, to remind you of the earth's strength, 

words of wisdom, to guide your thoughts, 

any token or talisman, special to you, 

to connect you with your heart's path

and bring healing to your life.

Love and Light

Also, a beautiful scroll with the message: 

May this bowl

gift you with courage, strength and

a resting place for those things

that make your heart soar...

let it open wide and find its way to a place of peace.

Let yourself be healed. 

The bowl measures approximately 6.5 by 5 inches. 

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