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Designed as a recovery tool for people in all kinds of 12-step addiction programs, each card in this 60-card deck is based on a slogan or step common to 12-step programs, and a suggested action for developing and improving conscious contact with your Higher Power.  The accompanying booklet offers further reading on each card, creating a literal toolkit for recovery.  Keep it in your purse, your pocket, or on your desk to use anytime you need help. Whether you have a problem or just need a little extra guidance, the cards in The 12-Step Recovery Toolkit allow the recovering addict to ask questions of their Higher Power and pull one or more cards for inspiration and advice. This is a deck that every recovering addict should have in his or her arsenal of 12-step tools.   A recovering addict herself, Stacey J. felt compelled to create the toolkit to help others work the steps and make their way through the program. The 12-Step Recovery Kit is a tool for recovering addicts created by a recovering addict. • Designed as a recovery tool for anyone in any stage of a 12-step addiction recovery program. • Beautiful compact design, to be kept on your desk, in your handbag or briefcase, to be used at any time when you need guidance. • 60 cards, each containing a slogan, tool, or one liner, and a booklet for further insights.

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