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Prayers and Poems to Comfort, Encourage, and Inspire by June Cotner

Comfort Prayers in one of my absolute favorite books. It's a collection of prayers and poems that offers comfort and encouragement. It's a motivating friend, wise inner voice, or soothing balm you turn to when times get tough.

Carefully chosen from more than 4,000 submissions from writers worldwide and more than 1,000 inspirational books, this timeless collection, compiled by author June Cotner, will bring hope, healing, and encouragement to its readers.

It is composed of 80 percent material from contemporary writers and 20 percent from classic and famous writers, such as Louisa May Alcott, William Wordsworth, and Eleanor Roosevelt. This timeless collection will bring hope, encouragement and inspiration to its readers, calming the soul and leading to a path of healing and recover.

I highly recommend it!

Hardcover, 5½" x 5½".

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