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Survivor's Bead by Sunapee Graniteworks

The Survivor's Bead is created to pay tribute to those among us who are survivors: whether your battle is cancer, PTSD, abuse, the loss of a loved one, depression, divorce, or a devastating event. We are known for our determination to triumph and that is the mark of a survivor. We have created this bead to honor your grit. Is is a beautiful deep red with symbols of love and hope on the bead cap. The symbols on the bead cap are:

Single Heart symbolizes the battle,

Shooting Star is for the hopes and prayers sent to the stars,

Double Hearts symbolize the love and support we get along our journey,

Fern is the symbol for health and wellness; it also stands for someone who has overcome much adversity.

This bead is a wonderful addition to any bead collection or you can purchase it with our beautiful Sterling Silver Bead Builder Necklace 30inches long with a spacer bead or our Sterling Silver twist cuff bracelet with two sterling silver spacer beads included.

A notecard with this special sentiment is included with each bead. "This sterling-cored bead is made from the Blood-Vein Agate of Utah. It represents the heart and soul of the survivor and the life-giving blood that flows through each of us. Agate is the stone of health and good fortune. It gives courage and banishes fear - two characteristics needed to survive."

Each bead is handcrafted in the USA.  Approximate size is .75 inches in diameter. 

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