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Shanti is the Sanskrit word for serenity and peace. Let these pendants be a reminder to live, act and speak peacefully so we can be more present and live most fully.  Because when we seek peace within, then we can spread it to those around us. 

Choose from Large Silver or small silver.  These large pendants are engraved with peace in nearly every language (Damai, Pace Mauhia, Pax. Sit, Shalom, Sulh, Pau, Paz, and of course Peace and Shanti.)  Pendants measure 1.2 inches across and hang on a 22-24 inch adjustable Saturn chains.

Or a smaller silver design with 5 words meaning Peace.  'Shanti, Paix, Pax, Peace and Pau'.  Small pendant measures .5 inches across and hangs on a 16-18 inch adjustable Saturn chain.

All pieces are handcrafted and made in the USA, and come in a gift box ready for gift giving.

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