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Trader Joe's Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Butterscotch Caramels.  Soft and creamy, deeply flavored butterscotch caramels.  are tinged with sea salt and enrobed in dark, slightly
bitter chocolate to offset the sweetness.  7 ounce resealable pouch.  

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate covered Powerberries. Powerberries start with centers of real fruit juice pieces made from the juices of acai, pomegranate, cranberry and blueberry, all known for their natural powerhouse antioxidants and other nutrients. They are then enveloped in smooth dark chocolate, creating a flavorful confection that is a sweet, tart and rich taste sensation all at once!

Caramel Bites! Product of Holland called the 'Stroopwafel'. I have many fond memories of living in Holland one of them being the Caramel Waffle. I can only describe them as heavenly. Two sugar wafers have been stuck together with a generous layer of soft caramel. If you want to send a comfort treat - trust me, this is it! Absolutely delicious warmed in the microwave for about ten seconds. Cellophane bag contains approx 25 mini caramel bites

Trader Joes Dark Chocolate almonds. Just a gesture of something sweet. 2oz of  roasted California almonds, covered in premium dark chocolate. 2oz

Trader Joes Cocoa Batons - Delicate rolled wafers filled with rich chocolate cream 5 oz.

Trader Joes Meyer Lemon Cookie Thins How can a cookie be so astonishingly thin, yet so chocked full of lemony goodness? It's our time-honored old world recipe. We've scoured the universe for abundantly  juicy lemons and fresh ingredients to squeze into these thrilling thins. 9oz box

Trader Joes Ginger Thins. They are perfectly sweet, spicy, thin, delicate, and crunchy - like an upscale ginger snap.

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