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Laughter Is The Best Medicine For Ladies

Laughter is not just an internal exercise for someone lying flat on their back - a form of jogging for the innards - bit it creates a mood in which the other positive emotions can be put to work, too. In short, it helps make it possible for good things to happen. Norman Cousins

I am Woman, I am Invincible, I am Tired... Tired of being all things to all people? Shed the Superwoman cape and retire from the Land of Overachievers as you reclaim your true self, complete with quirks and foibles. Life is too short to drink bad wine, so grab some attitude and delve into these pages. Here you'll find pithy platitudes and wry observations about coping, friendship, men and other handicaps, household wisdom, and even - sigh - love. A tribute to the modern woman, who meets stress with sass, and hardship with humor - while retaining the right to exhaustion - this volume celebrates you all your outrageous glory. Hardcover: 72 pages Publisher: Product Dimensions: 6.2 x 6.1 x 0.5 inches

Laughter Is The Best Medicine Mug. This lovely red mug will remind you of who sent it every time you use it!

Trader Joes Dark Chocolate Toffee. Just a gesture of something sweet. 2oz of crunchy toffee and roasted California almonds, covered in premium dark chocolate.

Humor and Healing CD by Bernie Siegel. A delightful 'House-Call' with an empowering message: Humor sometimes is the best medicine. Humor and Healing is Dr. Bernie Siegel's sparkling conversation about the healing power of love and laughter. From how positive thinking helps us lead longer, more productive lives ... to new findings about the healing power of laughter. Humor and Healing also includes many stories, told with love and joy as only Dr. Siegel can, about exceptional patients who have opened to the heart of healing, with unforgettable results. 1 1/4 hours.

Get Happy Tea. Herb Tea for Lifting Your Spirits. Need an attitude adjustment? If the sky is gray and cloudy or your spirit could use a little lift, there are lots of mood-enhancing options out there. But few are as healthy or delightful as sipping this caffeine-free herbal brew based on organic rooibos. Like a burst of sunshine, it begins to work its subtle magic as the bright flavors of lemon myrtle and luscious peach do a tango on your tastebuds. Meanwhile, our carefully balanced blend of calming lemon balm, St. John's wort and rhodiola does its part to help keep the blues away. So sip and smile. You'll be feeling peachy keen in no time. Ingredients: Organic Rooibos (leaf), Lemon Balm (leaf), Lemon Myrtle (Bachousia citriodora) (leaf), St. John's Wort (aerial parts), Rhodiola (root) Extract, Natural Peach Flavor.

Rose Heart Shaped Soap. This beutifully hand crafted soap by Hemlock Springs Soaps has a soft scent of rose. It is clean pink in color and feels soft in your hands. Made in the USA. (not pictured)

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