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Laughter is not just an internal exercise for someone lying flat on their back - a form of jogging for the innards - but it creates a mood in which the other positive emotions can be put to work, too. In short, it helps make it possible for good things to happen. Norman Cousins

Laughter Is The Best Medicine Mug:  This lovely black and red mug will remind you of who sent it every time you use it!

Laughter Still Is the Best Medicine: More than 1,000 All -new Laughs by Readers Digest. They have compiled their most hilarious jokes, gags and cartoons.

Reflections: is a beautiful original CD filled with music that will touch your heart and soothe your soul. Music composed and performed by Steven A. Kennedy a dear and extremely talented friend of ours. The music on this CD represents a host of thoughts and images that seem to unfold like impressions of memories.  Others feel like personal responses to life’s challenges.  In conceiving these pieces, Steve hopes you are taken on your own journey where you too can recall a precious moment, a friendship gained, a friendship lost, or a lingering memory.  Wherever your own journey has taken, or is taking you, Steve hopes that the music here will be there to guide, inspire, and comfort you. This beautiful original music, is gentle and warms the soul. Play it when you need to relax in any shape or form! Bathing, reading, or just breathing. Let it wash over you for a wonderful feeling of well being and hope.

Energize Candle by Root is part of their Seeking Balance Series:   Rosemary and Eucalyptus make this a wonderfully scented deep orange sunset candle. The science of color and essential oils in one holistic candle is made in the USA of clean burning soy and with a wooden wick that will crackle as it burns.  

Warm and Soft Red Blanket: Super soft, and super comforting this lovely fleece throw makes a fabulous gift. Whether snoozing on a deck, or sitting in a over crisp hospital bed. Wrap yourself in comfort. Take a little bit of 'home' with you when you are alone, or in uncomfortable surroundings.   Measure 50 x 60 inches.

Joy Blessing Ring: This lovely coin can be placed in a pocket or put on a chain, just a simple reminder to Choose joy!  Not pictured. 

Be Happy Tea by The Republic of Tea:  Like a burst of sunshine, it begins to work its subtle magic as the bright flavors of lemon myrtle and luscious peach do a tango on your taste buds. Meanwhile, our carefully balanced blend of calming lemon balm, St. John's wart and rhodiola does its part to make you smile.  So sip and smile. Full-bodied and aromatic caffeine-free red rooibos is celebrated fro its flavor and antioxidants. As the base for this tea, it's a natural friend to the immune system and can contribute to a healthier life. All of the BE WELL TEAS are meticulously formulated for specific needs. Canister contains 36 tea bags

Pocket Posh Sudoku Book of  Puzzles: This sophisticated a puzzle book is small in size but big on fun and style. Pocket Posh Sudoku has 100 fun puzzles. It is the perfect accessories and go with everything. It is the perfect take-along; plus, this little gem slips nicely into a pocket. Fun and smart. What's not to love? Puzzles are a smart form of exercise. According to the American Society on Aging, 84 percent of people polled spend time daily in activities such as puzzle solving. While there isn't conclusive evidence that doing puzzles increases brain function, it certainly can't hurt! And it is fun!

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