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Laughter is not just an internal exercise for someone lying flat on their back - a form of jogging for the innards - but it creates a mood in which the other positive emotions can be put to work, too. In short, it helps make it possible for good things to happen. Norman Cousins

Laughter Still Is the Best Medicine: More than 1,000 All -new Laughs by Readers Digest. They have compiled their most hilarious jokes, gags and cartoons.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine Mug.  This lovely red mug will remind you of who sent it every time you use it!

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds. Just a gesture of something sweet. 2oz roasted California almonds, covered in premium dark chocolate.

Our Favorite Tweed Candle.  by Aunt Sadie's This hand poured candle made in Vermont is scented with our irish tweed fragrance.  Fans tell us it smells like a handsome man fresh and soft!

Reflections is a beautiful original CD filled with music that will touch your heart and soothe your soul. Music composed and performed by Steven A. Kennedy a dear and extremely talented friend of ours.

The music on this CD represents a host of thoughts and images that seem to unfold like impressions of memories.  Others feel like personal responses to life’s challenges.  In conceiving these pieces, Steve hopes you are taken on your own journey where you too can recall a precious moment, a friendship gained, a friendship lost, or a lingering memory.  Wherever your own journey has taken, or is taking you, Steve hopes that the music here will be there to guide, inspire, and comfort you.

This beautiful original music, is gentle and warms the soul. Play it when you need to relax in any shape or form! Bathing, reading, or just breathing. Let it wash over you for a wonderful feeling of well being and hope.

You cannot buy this CD anywhere else in the US! And because you probably won't have heard his name before - you are just going to have to trust us. It's beautiful. It's gentle. It's heart warming. But when you believe in something good - we believe you have to share it. Buy one for yourself and your friends. Help spread this wonderful music.


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