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A gentle grief support book featuring stories of comforting coincidences from those who grieve.

This little book brings comfort to anyone who is grieving the death of someone dear. Whether your special person died last week or last decade, you might find yourself yearning for a sign that their love continues to shine.

Be assured that you are not alone. Countless others understand the depths of your loss and the intensity of your longings. Among them are the bereaved mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and others whose stories appear on these pages. These grieving men and women -- regardless of their religious beliefs or lack thereof -- each experienced a comforting coincidence, a sign of continued love after death. 

An unexpected rainbow, an eagle soaring high, a shiny nickel in the sand... such experiences brought them comfort during their darkest days. They share their stories with you in the hope of easing the way for you as you also journey along that sacred path known as grief.

Dimensions: 4¾" x 6¼"  

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