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Stan W. Tait is a renowned Canadian artist who has been designing classic, contemporary sterling silver jewelry since 1974. We have two left and will not be able to purchase them in future due to a licensing agreement with a large jeweler.

In December 2001, a client asked him to create an Angel Pendant© as a gift for a friend suffering from cancer, and as he worked, he realized that his client was the true Angel in showing this form of love and support for her friend.

Giving an Angel Pendant© to a loved one will act as a constant reminder of the love, prayer and positive encouragement you are offering while remaining a source of daily inspiration to yourself. "I believe we are here to help each other through and as we journey together, we can truly be Angels to one another.  A substantial portion of the proceeds from the sale of The Angel Pendant© goes towards The Angel Fund to support individuals, groups and charitable organizations dedicated to improving the lives of others, one small act at time." Stan Tait.

The Angel Pendant© is slightly larger than a quarter (1 x ?" wide) and comes with an 20 inch Sterling Silver box link chain.  It is packaged in a purple gift box with the words "Thoughts of loving kindness, The prayers of friends and strangers, Gather within this small gift, Sending love and light to you".

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