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For Every Cat An Angel Book  Well, if there was ever a book whose cover caught my eye - it was this one, and I wasn't disappointed. What a precious little book for anyone who has suffered the recent loss of a much-loved companion. Along with its beautiful watercolor images, it captures the special relationship of a 'forever' cat and its owner. "But the greatest gift these two will share is knowing what is in the other's heart. The person understands the wild creature stalking its prey while it dreams on her lap. The cat understands the untamed spirit of the person softly stroking its fur. And they agree as they have before, to keep their true natures a secret between them." It brings great comfort when it beautifully shows how these forever friends share their lives, grow old, pass on or go home, but one day meet again. Hardcover. 


Angel Seed Paper Plantables  These six angel-shaped seed papers are handmade and contain delphinium seeds and plant material.  The label reads, "’ When you lose someone you love, you gain an angel you know’ -- Unknown”.  Individual angels measure approximately 2 x 2 inches. 


Angel and Dragonfly Blessing Rings  Extra tokens of your love and support. Each little pocket coin has a cutout, one of an angel and one of a dragonfly, and the words inscribed on the back “protection” and “memories”, respectively. These will serve as a wonderful reminder that someone special is watching over you and will not be forgotten. 

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