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Open your heart to the magic found at the water's edge . . .

There are many places we can go to enjoy time with friends, to have an action-packed vacation, or to enjoy a little solitude, but none of them have the same ability to soothe our souls as the beach. Perhaps it's the magic portrayed by children building sand castles or the gentle sounds of lapping waves on the shore. Chicken Soup for the Beach Lover's Soul is filled with recollections of special moments that will be appreciated by anyone who has been mesmerized by the spell of the ocean.

Color photos of magnificent beach destinations across the United States , from the quaint, historic surroundings of Cape May , New Jersey , to the sultry scenes of Big Sur , California , capture the magic of America --from sea to shining sea.

This unique compilation conjures up memories of family beach outings, the joy of finding a spectacular seashell, young love discovered on the sand, and mature love rekindled at the seashore. Join us on this journey of beaches far and near and remember the fun and excitement you found there, and be inspired to create new memories.

Paperback: 384 pages

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