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Red Throw Blanket  Super soft, this comforting throw makes a fabulous gift. 

Whether snoozing on a deck or sitting in a over crisp hospital bed. Wrap yourself in comfort. Take a little bit of 'home' with you when you are alone, or in uncomfortable surroundings, an ideal gift, great for men or women!  

Measures: 50" x 60"; 100% Polyester 


Circle of Friends Candle – This green tea scented candle was made exclusively for Healing Baskets by Aunt Sadie’s. The words 'Circle of Friends' are repeated around the candle with figures interlocked with hearts. Each candle is 100% hand-poured, hand-packaged, and is lead free with a zinc wick. Long 70-hour burn time! Size: 3-1/8 x 6 inches. 


‘Loved’ Engraved Soap – This 4.5 oz triple-milled, 100% vegetable-based soap is manufactured and handcrafted exclusively for Healing Baskets in the Green Mountains of Vermont! Made by a family who followed their dreams to engrave the finest soap. Carved Solutions also believes in the power of words. Enjoy it’s clean and gentle fragrance. 


Eat Your Peas for Tough Times Book  Gracing the pages of this hopeful little book are welcoming words for anyone making their way through tough times. Better yet, among the very first words is a promise that can be taken to heart: 

“If you ever need someone to talk to (really talk to), 

Someone to hear (really hear), 

What's on your mind and in your heart, 

Call me. Call me early.  

Call me late. Just call me". 

Paperback: 72 pages; Measures: 5½" x 5½ 


Comfort in Your Pocket - Sympathy Pocket Charms – Cast in pewter, this set of five beautiful pocket charms comes with words of encouragement for when you need them most.  

A vellum slip reads, “A Heart, to remind you that you are loved, A Peace Sign, for hope, An Acorn, for your continued strength, An Angel, to watch over you, The World, because you make it a better place”. 


Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds – Just a gesture of something sweet. Crunchy, California almonds drenched in rich, dark chocolate. 


'Loved’ Lip Balm – Everyone loves a lip balm; they make a very useful gift! A fragrance-free, entirely natural balm that carries a message in your pocket, made exclusively for Healing Baskets. 


Friendship Blessing Ring – An extra token of your friendship. This little pocket coin has a heart cutout and the phrase “Friends Forever!” engraved on the back as a wonderful reminder that someone values having you in their life. Measures 1" in diameter.

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