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As many baby boomers reach fifty-something and beyond, their parents are beginning to move from the spaciousness of the family home into senior housing, assisted living or even care centers. Wouldn't it be great if we could make the transition just a little less difficult for them?    So this would be a great gift for a friend who has just moved a loved one into assisted living.

50 Ways to Love Your Mother will help you find just the right gift to make their lives a little bit brighter. This treasure-trove of more than fifty practical ideas and thoughtful gifts also brims with Jane’s collection of resource discoveries—including company names, phone numbers and Web sites.  

Author, Jane Monachelli, experienced these times with her own mother and crafted this perfect little book of gift ideas for others who find themselves in similar circumstances. Because Jane's mother was housed in a faraway city, Jane became a master of catalog and online shopping. Knowing that space was at a premium, she came up with thoughtful gifts and ideas that helped fill her mother's last days with warmth, enjoyment and even surprise. In her book, Jane translates both her experience and resourcefulness into heartfelt gestures that will say "I love you" to your own elderly family and friends.

Paperback: 95 pages

Measures: 6 x 6 inches

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