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Healing In Progress/Believe mug.  This mug tells the world that you are a 'Healing In Progress'.  The word "Believe" is imprinted on the other side of the mug to remind you that you should never, never, never, give up. 

Healing In Progress Lip Balm.  Our exclusive no fragrance lip balm to keep in your pocket as a constant reminder.

Healing In Progress Pocket Stone.  Smooth glass to keep in your pocket and hold for reassurance.

Healing In Progress Meditation Candle ~ with a subtle green tea fragrance.

Organic Elderberry Tea This tin of 36 tea bags from Republic of Tea, consists of a fine, organic rooibos tea that is blended with organic elderberries.

Valued for thousands of years for its healing benefits, the versatile elderberry has a long history in popular folklore. Used to make wine and flavor foods, the magical elderberry has been referred to in music and poetry for generations. We've blended them with an organic red rooibos base for a double dose of delicious defense.  This Republic of Tea tin contains 36 unbleached tea bags and is Non GMO Project Certified.

Unfragranced Body Lotion.  This luxurious 8 oz body treatment lotion restores and enriches even the most sensitive skin.  

Comfy comfy socks.  Always appreciated, these soft cozy socks give you instant comfort!

Beck 'n Call Bell! Give your voice a rest! When you need something just ring this 4 inch silver bell. "When you're feeling down and out, there's no need to call or shout.  Take good care, and just get well.  Use this gift - a 'beck 'n call' bell.

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