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Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings Book  This book was written as a listen-to or read-along book for children. It is a fabulous resource that can be given as a gift to any child who is facing the cancer of a loved one. The story line, as told through the eyes of a child, lends itself to a simple and clear understanding of cancer. Most important, however, is the lesson that teaches children to realize the power they have to be an active and integral part of a loved one's cancer journey. Read more about it at 


Butterfly Pocket Stone  This smooth glass handmade stone is substantial enough to hold or grasp in the palm of your hand. To squeeze for comfort and support at the most difficult of times. It will also be a link to the person who gave it to you and remind you of the wonderful words in the Butterfly Kisses book. Measures 1.5” diameter. 


Purple Fleece Blanket  This soft and cozy, 50"x60", fleece blanket is perfect to gently cover loved ones. 


Butterfly Garden Seed Mix  It's always fun to do something together and then watch flowers grow. Each seed variety is packaged in a beautifully illustrated, reusable, magnetic tin. Varieties are preselected and can be grown in most areas across North America. 

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