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Comfort In Your Pocket

Comfort In Your Pocket

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Forever in our Heart Ornament  This beautiful porcelain heart is made entirely by hand and strung on a silver ribbon by Hooven and Hooven. The clay is rolled, individually cut and embossed. The drying process takes several days and then the porcelain is fired to 2400° F., hotter than any other clay. This gives the ornament a translucent affect so if you hang the ornament in a window the light passes through its surface, creating a magnificent display of its intricate design. Fourteen steps take place before this piece is packaged for its journey to you. The heart has the words "Forever in our heart" in its design. 


Plant able Angel Seed Papers  These six angel shaped seed papers are handmade and contain delphinium seeds and plant material.  The label reads, "’When you lose someone you love, you gain an angel you know’ -- Unknown”.  Individual angels measure approximately 2 x 2 inches. 


Angel Blessing Ring  An extra token of your love and support. This little pocket coin has an angel cutout, and the word “protection” is engraved on the back as a wonderful reminder that someone special is watching over you. 


Believe Engraved Soap  This 4.5 oz triple-milled, 100% vegetable-based soap is manufactured and handcrafted exclusively for Healing Baskets in the Green Mountains of Vermont!  Enjoy it’s clean and gentle fragrance. 


Angels Gift Book  This mini book is filled with angelic inspiration. What is an angel? A glorious guardian, a bearer of blessings, a messenger, a muse, a miracle maker. This heavenly collection of angelic reflections offers a perfect way to contemplate the mystery and magic of angels. It has a beautiful ribbon bookmark with an angel charm. 


Comfort for grieving Hearts: hope and encouragement for times of loss by Gary Roe - You've experienced a loss and you're hurting. What do grieving hearts need, and where can we find it? Let's be honest. We don't need another book full of lengthy chapters, heady language, and shallow pieces of advice. What we need are companions - people like us. We need other hurting, grieving hearts who understand and will walk with us. This helps us feel safe and gives us hope. I've created one of those traveling companions in the pages of this book. I've called this new friend The Grieving Heart. Each chapter begins with the Grieving Heart speaking, sharing what they are feeling, thinking, and going through. Your heart will be touched. You'll know that someone "gets it." My goal is to meet you in your pain and walk with you there. As we journey together, our hearts will somehow begin to feel understood and safe. And as we experience a sense of safety, our hope will rise, and we will begin to heal.  Let me be clear - I do not have all this figured out. I am a fellow struggler with you. Daily I deal with the repercussions of the deep losses I've experienced. I heal by putting my grief to work and serving others. This book is part of that. We need comfort. We need safety, hope, and healing. We need companions. We need each other.

Read on, and lean into the comfort, safety, hope, and healing in the pages ahead. 

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