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The Warrior.  For surely you did not choose this battle.  Rather it chose you.  And standing on the edge of what you cannot escape is most tormenting.  But take one final breath before the plunge.  And charge forward.  Knowing that you go not alone, but in might company of all who stand ready to fight at your side.  And knowing that where your spirit is weakened, there you will find untold strength.  Where your heart is fearful, there you will find immeasurable courageousness.  And where your soul is mired in darkness, there you will find the most penetrating light.  The most powerful beacon showing you the way. Written by Mark Peters, Copyright 2005, Solace Creek.This Zebra print box holds a host of inspirational and inspiring gifts and comes with poem above.

The Cancer Recovery Plan.  Based on "The Group Room®," the nation's only talk-radio cancer support show, brings hope, information, and inspiration to everyone affected by cancer.  Handling the Medical Aspects, Getting the Diagnosis, The Doctor-Patient Relationship, Dealing with Cancer Treatments, Dealing With Emotions, Fear, Anger, Hope and Humor, Love, Relationships and Intimacy, When You're A Young Adult With Cancer, When Your Young Child Has Cancer, Caring For The Caregiver, The Legal and Social Aspects of Cancer, Dealing With Changing Healthcare Delivery, Cancer In The Workplace, Beyond Cancer  This is a support group in a book!

Quease Ease when an overall sense of queasiness occurs, take a few deep breaths for an instant feeling of comfort and calm.

Ivory Slumbercap.  Comfort a cold bald head at night with the softest, snuggliest beanie you can find. Made from 96% cotton and 4% Lycra, they are even thin enough to wear under a scarf or hat. No ties, no knots. Once you try one you will want one in every color!

"Warrior' Soap.  This hand engraved triple-milled, 100% vegetable-based soap is manufactured and handcrafted exclusively for Healing Baskets.  Each white bar is a generous 4.5 ounces with a clean and gentle fragrance.

Ginger chews.  Ginger has been found to be more effective than Dramamine in blocking motion sickness.  Ginger is also a powerful antioxidant with over 12 constituents said to be superior to vitamin E. And it helps neutralize free radicals, widely recognized as being a common cause of inflammation.  

Original Ginger Chews - 5 oz bag.  

The Softest Socks - like walking on a cloud!

Warrior Lip Balm.  Unfragranced natural lip balm to remind your daily of your warrior spirit.

Warrior Pocket Stone.  Handmade just for us - this smooth glass pocket stone fits perfectly into the palm of your hand measuring 1.5 inches across.  Cool, smooth, firm. Hold it tight. Be comforted. Comes in a light pink velvet drawstring bag.  Or put it on display -it is way too beautiful to hide in your pocket!

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