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This 'Healing In Progress Cancer Basket' covers all the basics for comfort for a special loved one.

Soft and Snuggly Fleece Throw.  Super soft, and super comforting this lovely fleece throw makes a fabulous gift.  Just beautiful.

Organic Elderberry Herb Tea.  This tin of 36 tea bags from Republic of Tea, consists of a fine, organic rooibos tea that is blended with organic elderberries. Valued for thousands of years for its healing benefits, the versatile elderberry has a long history in popular folklore. Used to make wine and flavor foods, the magical elderberry has been referred to in music and poetry for generations. We've blended them with an organic red rooibos base for a double dose of delicious defense.

Quease EASE. This Aromatic inhaler Calms Queasiness. When an overall sense fo queasiness occurs, take a few slow deep breaths for an instant feeling of comfort and calm. 

Healing In Progress Set.  We all have to believe and trust in the power of healing. And the chances are we are all a 'healing in progress' whether mentally, physically or spiritually.  To help you on your healing journey we have developed our own 'Healing In Progress' Essentials Kit.   ~ We've taken one of our exclusive mugs which reads 'Believe' on the other side... ~ and added a meditation candle with a subtle green tea fragrance, an un-fragranced lip balm to keep in your pocket ~ and a smooth glass pocket stone to hold as a reminder.

Comfy socks.  These are a no brainer - you just gotta have a pair of these soft socks for instant warmth and relaxation!

Alra Therapy Lotion. Alra Therapy Lotion (4 oz)  A gentle, healing touch for the skin. A non-greasy, and light lotion formulated for the care of skin exposed to radiation treatment, whilst encouraging the skin's natural healing process.  Alra therapy lotion is an excellent body moisturizer that is well-suited for all skin types. It has a natural formula, free of harsh chemicals. It is paraben-free, alcohol-free, and petroleum-free, which makes it a perfect choice for sensitive skin. It is fragrance-free and cruelty-free.  It minimizes skin sensitivity and prevents irritation for many patients undergoing cancer treatments such as radiation or dermatitis. 

A Cancer Survivor’s Almanac: Charting Your Journey This book serves as a guide to help survivors, caregivers, families, and friends chart a survivorship journey. Written by the survivors and professionals who founded the cancer survivorship movement, A Cancer Survivor’s Almanac provides essential up-to-date, practical information on: The latest information in medical diagnosis, treatment, pain control, and long-term and late effects of cancer treatment. Advocating for yourself and others. This book, however, provides the information, understanding, support, and resources to help dispel the myths and improve the quality of life with, through and beyond cancer. All royalties from the sales of this book benefit the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship.

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