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This 'Healing In Progress Cancer Basket' covers all the basics for comfort for a special loved one.

Soft and Snuggly Fleece Throw.  Super soft, and super comforting this lovely fleece throw makes a fabulous gift. Navy blue. Just beautiful.

Surviving Cancer Emotionally. Cancer changes our lives–physically and emotionally. The more you understand about your psychological reactions to cancer, the more effectively you can cope.
In this powerful book, Dr. Roger Granet, a psychiatrist who specializes in the emotional side effects of cancer and its treatment, draws on two decades of experience as he explains what you can expect emotionally at each phase.Written with compassion and clarity, Surviving Cancer Emotionally reveals how we can cope with a devastating illness and turn it into a positive catalyst for embracing life.

Moringa Super Herb Tea.  Caffeine-Free Known as the "miricle tree," Moringa has small, vibrant leaves that have long been prized for their healing properties. Created by The Republic of Tea with a combination of moringa leaves and  green rooibos to intensify the te's beneficial effects. The addtiona of natural mango flovors adds a sweet fruity note to the grassy, hearbal bas.  Tin contains 36 unbleached tea bags.  

Original Ginger Chews - 5 oz bag.  Stimulating little chewy treats. Surprisingly spicy. The only candy that bites you back!

Healing In Progress Set.  We all have to believe and trust in the power of healing. And the chances are we are all a 'healing in progress' whether mentally, physically or spiritually.  To help you on your healing journey we have developed our own 'Healing In Progress' Essentials Kit.   ~ We've taken one of our exclusive mugs which reads 'Believe' on the other side... ~ and added a meditation candle with a subtle green tea fragrance,  ~a unfragranced lip balm to keep in your pocket ~ and a smooth glass pocket stone to hold as a reminder.

Queasy Drops. All Natural hard lozengers to alleviate a queasy stomach.  Flavors include Green Tea with Lemon, Ginger, banana, Sour Rassberry and Cola.  Approx 21 candies per container.

Comfy socks.  These are a no brainer - you just gotta have a pair of these soft socks for instant warmth and relaxation!

Carren Hand Treatment. Relax Hand Cream 4oz. Our luxurious Doctor recommended hand treatment helps heal, condition and moisturize skin. This aloe enriched blend of vitamins and botanical extracts is non-greasy relief for your skin. The formulation of our product provides a moisturizing glove enriched with vitaminsApply 3 – 4 times daily.

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