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Cobalt Blue Super Soft Fleece.   Whether snoozing on a deck, or sitting in a over crisp hospital bed.  Wrap yourself in comfort.  Take a little bit of 'home' with you when you feel alone, or in uncomfortable surroundings.  Measures 50 x 70 inches.

Comfort lip balm!  We wanted an unfragranced, entirely natural balm that carried a message in your pocket so we had it made for us!

Comfy Socks.  These are a no brainer - you've just got to have a pair of these 'foot pillows' for instant relaxation!

Reflections CD - Healing Baskets Exclusive.  This beautiful original piano music by Steve Kennedy, is gentle and warms the soul. Play it in when you need to relax and let it wash over you for a wonderful feeling of well being and hope.

Healing In Progress Pocket Stone.  So smooooth in the palm of your hand.  We all have to believe and trust in the power of healing.  And the chances are we are all a 'healing in progress' whether mentally, physically or spiritually - what better a reminder than this smooth glass pocket stone to hold as a reminder

Men's Slumbercap. If one of your chemo symptoms is hair loss, comfort that cold head at night with the softest, snuggliest beanie you can find. Made from 96% cotton and 4% Lycra, it looks great even if you didn't lose your hair.

The Chemotherapy Survival Guide. When you're facing cancer treatment, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and alone. Between the hospital or clinic environment and the medical terminology used by doctors and health care professionals, you may feel as though you've entered a foreign country. Written by two experienced oncology nurses, this compassionate and comprehensive guide explains in plain English everything you need to know about your treatment, including what you can expect at each stage of chemotherapy and what you can do to prevent or minimize side effects. Packed with practical suggestions, nutritional advice, relaxation skills, and other techniques to help strengthen your body and calm your mind.

Hard Ginger Candy known as Ginger Chews.  These ginger candies are the perfect thing to settle a queasy stomach.  

Healing In Progress Mug.  With every cup of tea or soup you will be reminded that your body is in the process of healing.  The word "Believe" is imprinted facing you to remind you that you should never, never, never, give up.  The side facing 'out' is printed with 'Healing In Progress'.  Dishwasher safe.

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