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This ready made 'Healing Heart Breast Cancer Basket' holds all the comfort basics and inspiration for that special loved one.  Everything is held in a soft beautiful magazine tote.

Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Survivor's Soul. Makes a supportive read with plenty of stories to lift the spirit.

Slumber  Cap.  Comfort those cold bald heads at night with the softest, snuggliest beanie you can find. Made from 96% cotton and 4% Lycra, no ties, no knots.

Heal engraved soap.  Clean scent bar of engraved white soap, made for us in the mountains of Vermont...

Heat-able Heart Pack.  Warm this soft heart in the microwave for comfort and relaxation.

Get Relaxed Herb Tea for Relieving Stress.  Red and aromatic, the South African herb rooibos is celebrated for its antioxidants. As the base for our line of caffeine-free Be Well Red Teas, it's a natural friend to the immune system and can contribute to a healthier life. Tasting notes: aromatic lavender and rose flavors give this organic rooibos-based blend a sweet, lingering finish.   36 Natural, Unbleached Tea Bags by The Republic of Tea

Comfy socks   So soft, so comfortable.  You just gotta have a pair of these socks for instant relaxation!

Comfort in your pocket Breast Cancer. To Keep In Your Pocket Inspirational Pewter Charms.  This set of five beautiful pewter pocket charms comes with words of encouragement for when you need them most:  Vellum slip reads: A Heart, for the healing power of love.  A Dove for peace, and new beginnings.  A Shell, for serenity.  A Shooting Star,  to make a wish.  An Angel, to watch over you.

Loved lip balm.  No fragrance comforting lip balm to remind you...that you are!

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