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by Lance Armstrong, Sally Jenkins (Contributor)

When Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer, the prognosis wasn't good. When it spread to his lungs and brain, most medical professionals gave up hope for his recovery. But not Lance. He studied his disease, interviewed doctors, chose a treatment, and fought for his life.

This memoir chronicles how the devastation of cancer changed his life physically and emotionally. During his disease he is brought to his knees by the effects of chemo, and his desire to ride again is replaced by his will to live. It takes you on the roller coaster ride of a man who was given a 3% chance of survival to a man who conquers one of the most grueling races in the world - four times!

He goes from having everything he wants to having less, but really valuing what he has. This is a must-read book for every athlete or for everyone who would like to see how a man can change. The two main themes are: love and survival.


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