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There's a perfect gift book for every woman in your life from the 'Eat Your Peas' collection.

I love these books by Cheryl Karpen.   She calls them 3-minute forever books.  And they are.  Full color throughout with beautiful calligraphy, each simply expresses love and support.  It take three minutes to read.  And your love is felt forever.

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Eat Your Peas for Birthdays ~ Who says birthdays can only be celebrated once a year? With this spirited little book you can make someone special feel merry all year long. Between the covers you will find words of gratitude and grace. Affirmation aplenty. And a promise to savor this treasured relationship for all the years to come.

Eat Your Peas for Daughters - Between the pages of this tender little book are gifts only you can give. And that's true however your daughter came to grace the life you share.

Eat Your Peas For Tough Times ~ Gracing the pages of this hopeful little book are welcome words for anyone making a way through tough times. Better yet, among the very first words is a promise that can be taken to heart. May it bring a warmth and light to gray and weary places.

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