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Easy Recipes and Tips through Treatment and Beyond by Kris Ghosh, Linda Carson, Elyse Cohen

Yes, it is possible to enjoy eating while you are in cancer treatment.

Betty Crocker, together with two oncologists, a nutrition expert and the help of cancer patients, has created an all-encompassing guide to eating while in treatment. All too often food loses its appeal, or cooking seems too hard - and this happens just when good nutrition is most critical.

These easy recipes, tips and ideas give cancer patients and their families great nutrition, insight into the experience and hands-on information for how to eat during treatment.

I love this book! It's a really beautiful color hardback, chock-full of recipes (130 in fact). They've even been 'tagged' so show which are most helpful for the four most common symptoms: nausea, mouth sores, diarrhea and constipation.

Paperback 256 pages; Dimensions: 10" x 9".  Includes bonus section on Breast Cancer Awareness.

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