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This sterling silver necklace is finely engraved with the Latin quotation ‘Carpe Diem’, which translates to ‘Seize the day’.

This .925 sterling silver necklase is finely engraved with Carpe Diem
seize the day, in Latin, with the symbols of the Roman days .

The elliptical shape hangs on an 18 inch chain the form itself displays unusual geometric properties. The shape is known as a Möbius strip, after the German mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius [1790-1868]. It represents the seeming paradox of a plane without end, or one of infinite length. As such it became accepted as a symbol for infinity, an appropriate and symbolic form for these memorable inscriptions.

This exquisite necklace made in the USA the ellipse measures 1 inch in diameter.

Available in Sterling Silver for immediate delivery and please allow 4 weeks for 14K Gold as these are made to order. Please call for gold.

It arrives in a beautiful gift box.

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