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Illustrated by Kathy Parkinson

When Mama and Daddy Bear tell Dinah that they are getting a divorce, Dinah is very sad and scared. Where will Daddy go? Will she see him again? Over time, though, Dinah learns that although Daddy isn't living with them anymore, many of the best things stay the same (like her her stuffed rabbit and her red sandals). Mama will always be her mama, Daddy will always be her daddy, and they love her very much.

The book contains a nice "Note to Grownups" in the front which explains the age appropriate fears of preschooler, kindergartener ages. It also stresses the two most important themes for children experiencing divorce 1) some things are changing - but many things are staying the same; 2) you didn't do anything to cause it - and you can't do anything to stop it. The overall message of this book is that life goes on.

Large, appealing colored-pencil and watercolor illustrations support both the tone and the goal of the text.

Ages 3-6.


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