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They take only 3-minutes to read but you'll want to hold onto it forever!

Eat Your Peas For Fathers.  Between the covers of this little book are tender, timely words for your amazing Dad.  Words of gratitude and grace.  Affirmation, too.  And above all, a promise to savor this most precious of relationships.  Chances are, he has been waiting all your life to know what's in your heart.

Eat Your Peas for Sons.  Between the covers of this little book are gifts only you can give to the son in your life.  Gifts of affirmation.  Admiration aplenty.  And a promise to hold both happiness and heartache in trust.  Here you find words every man long to hear.  May they give voice to your love and gladness to a son's heart.

Dimensions: 5½" x 5½


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